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A recent news report* revealed that a successful businessman, with years of marketing and advertising experience, had wasted $600,000 on his Facebook advertising in less than one week. Yikes!

You probably aren't spending anything close to $600,000 on Facebook, let alone wasting that much. But it's very easy to quickly spend money on Facebook without generating the performance your business needs.

At Instantly Noticed, our Facebook Ads and PPC advertising experts have solved this problem for businesses worldwide.

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Jeremy Miner,
7 Figure Sales Training
"Over $1.12 Million In Sales"
"The Instantly Noticed team helped me generate over $1.12 MILLION In Sales and grew my list to way over 120,000 people using Facebook Ads."
Russell Brunson,
"837 ClickFunnels Accounts..."
"Bryan and his team at Instantly Noticed have added over 1,391 people to ClickFunnels and they've generated over $350,000 in revenue for us."
Gustavo Larrea,
Go For It Kickboxing
"My Gym Is Now Packed Out!"
"Thanks to Michael and the Instantly Noticed team my gym is always packed full of members and I highly recommend hiring these guys to run your Facebook Ads."
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